Marketing Campaign:
Lexington Street Levy

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Prior to the 2006 marketing campaign involving d3graphics, the levy failed by 2 votes. We were involved in the second ballot initiative in May of 2006. Several items were designed; however, only the flyer and the yard sign were used. Official website page was also instrumental in helping the levy pass by 60%.
. Original logo incorporating icons representing what services the levy would continue if approved by voters.
. One committee member suggested 4 words or less on the yard sign for simplicity. 3 did just fine.
. The flyer was a byproduct of the door hangers. We first submitted 2 ideas for door hangers. The committee found a way to print the flyers cheaper than door hangers and have the extras inserted in the local News Journal newspaper prior to the election. The door hanger ideas below were changed to a single sided flyer insert.
. The original door hanger ideas, later converted into a sngle sided flyer, see above.
. A billboard idea. Due to deadline problems, we were unable to get into the local billboard rotation schedule (note: plan several months in advance for reserving billboards).
Below is the web banner used on