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Charles (Chuck) Pscholka
Troy Township Fiscal Officer
"Experienced and Professional"

My Name is Charles (Chuck) Pscholka, and I am a candidate for the position of Troy Township Fiscal Officer. I am well qualified for this office due to my education and career experience. I'm a graduate of Michigan State University with a Bachelors degree in Regional Planning. I served four years as a planner with the Richland County Regional Planning Commission before assuming the position of Administrative Director for the Village of Lexington, a position I held for the past thirty two years. I'm a past President of the Richland County Regional Planning Commission (member for almost 30 years) and I am currently Chairman of the Richland County Growth Corporation and a member of the Board of Trustees of the Lexington Senior Civic center. I am also a member of the Ohio City Management Association and the Ohio Development Association.

After retiring from the Village of Lexington with thirty three years experience in governmental management, I offer my expertise and experience to the residents of Troy Township by serving as your Fiscal Officer.I believe that my many years of experience in governmental management and community planning, asset management, capital improvement planning, budgeting, economic development, and grant writing would allow me to assist the Troy Township Trustees in better serving the needs of its citizens.

The residents of Troy Township, including those living within the Corporation limits of the Village of Lexington, need to know that their tax dollars are being properly managed and spent efficiently. As your Fiscal officer, I promise to maintain accurate and accessible public records, and to invest the Townships inactive surplus funds safely and wisely. I would recommend to the Trustees that they establish a Troy Township website that would contain useful information such as Township meeting schedules, minutes of previous meetings, budget information, capital improvement plans, and contact information. This could become a very useful tool to improve access and communication with Township officials and enhance the opportunity for public feedback.

I'm asking for your support on November 6th to elect me to the position of Troy Township Fiscal Officer. If elected, I will devote my time and talents to assist the trustees in improving the management of the Township and towards improved communication with all citizens and taxpayers of the Township, including those living within the Corp. limits of Lexington.

Elect Chuck Pscholka as Troy Township Fiscal Officer

Paid for by Charles Pscholka, 410 Cedarwood Dr., Lexington OH 44904