Corporate Logo Redesign

Old Logos:

Starting as "Big Red Q Quickprint" in 1975, then changing their name to "Mansfield Quick Print Center" in 1985, "Mansfield Print Center" (dropping the word 'Quick' in 1989) had the following logo designed:


A local advertising agency in Mansfield, now retired, came up with the 2 color logo and helped advance the idea that Mansfield Print Center could do Quick printing, but could also do quality commercial printing as well.

In 1992, they added an Ashland office, and the following logo was added:

The logos served them well and helped build name recognition for years to come (even outlasting their local competitor "Mansfield Printing" who closed up shop in the mid 90's).

The corporate name was always "Print Centers of Ohio, Inc." and in early 2001, a strong desire emerged to update the logo and business name to reflect the larger territory that Mansfield Print Center serviced. Ashland Print Center had been closed a couple of years previous and all the clients were now being serviced by the Mansfield location, but they wanted to lose the stigma of being a "local" only printer. They felt that having the word "Mansfield" in the name suggested that they only serviced a small regional area. Since they printed jobs for clients all over the state of Ohio, they began the process of redesigning their corporate identity. First came the logo, once that was approved, they wanted all of their sales literature redesignd as well to reflect the new colors and new logo.

In 2002, we were contacted by Mansfield Print Center and they asked us to "throw them a few ideas". The following page showcases the first of many ideas:

Proof #1